Video Library

The Club maintains a library of instructional DVDs and VHS tapes on various aspects of fly fishing.  These are available at the monthly meetings for members to check out.  Between meetings members can contact Rich Holten directly to obtain them.  For the list of titles click here.

Hook Comparison

With so many manufacturers making so many different hook types, it is common to find a fly tying recipe that calls for a specific hook that you do not have.  Chances are you have or can get something that will work equally well.  To help you in that search, we have a hook comparison spreadsheet here.

Northwest Fishing Database

With so many places to fish in the Pacific Northwest, how do you determine where to go? Over the years, Northwest Fly Fishing magazine has provided information on hundreds of fly fishing destinations. Ted Poston has created a database that indexes all of them by state, regions within the state, water type, fish species, and more! To access this information, click here.

Fly Fishing Around the Tri-Cities

The Tri-Cities area in Washington State is well-situated in the middle of some of the best fly fishing in the U.S. There are several outstanding lake fisheries within a one to two hour drive as well as some river and stream opportunities. In minutes, it’s possible to be fly fishing for smallmouth on the lower Yakima River. Within a 12 hour drive are more rivers, lakes, and streams than a normal person can fish in a lifetime. Best of all, there is year-round fishing for the most hardy souls. This summary of places to fish around the Tri-Cities is a both a description of where we fish our favorite waters and when we go there. It is a composite of the fishing calendars for several Columbia Basin Fly Caster (CBFC) members and hard-earned information from years of fishing these waters. For our members, we have provided a “calendar” for fly fishing and a separate section on the places to fish here.

Northwest Trout Prey: Identification, Lifecycle, Tactics, and Flies to Match

Curious about the things trout in our area feed on? Want to learn what they look like, how and where they live? Need help imitating them? This document has photos and information that can help answer these questions and more. Click here.

Fly Patterns for Northwest Trout Fishing

This document contains photos and tying instructions for all of the recommended flies in the above document plus many of the CBFC member favorite fly patterns. This is a great collection of patterns proven to work on our local and not so local waters. Click here.