Video Library

The Club maintains a library of instructional DVDs and VHS tapes on various aspects of fly fishing.  These are available at the monthly meetings for members to check out.  Between meetings members can contact Rich Holten directly to obtain them.  For the list of titles click here.

Book Library

The Club has decided to eliminate our hard copy library.  Starting in May, the books will be offered to members on a first-come, first-served basis.  A selection of books will be brought to the monthly meetings, and if you have specific titles you would like, contact Rich Holten at 509-521-4291.  For the list of books and their prices click here.

Hook Comparison

With so many manufacturers making so many different hook types, it is common to find a fly tying recipe that calls for a specific hook that you do not have.  Chances are you have or can get something that will work equally well.  To help you in that search, we have a hook comparison spreadsheet here.