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2018 September

Program Notice:  Grant Richie, a noted fly fisher, fly tier, and author from Wallowa, Oregon, will provide information on fly fishing northeast Oregon rivers.

2018 July/August

Program Notice:  No meting in July and August.

2018 June

Program Notice: CBFC members John Strand, Wanda Shearer, and Rich Holten will present important dos and don’ts for both wading and floating safety.

2018 May

Program Notice: Dave and Mary Anne Dozer of Bamboo Pursuits (a bamboo fly rod company) will present “Building a Bamboo Fly Rod.” Mary Anne will share her experiences building her first bamboo fly rod. Dave will add a little history about bamboo fly rods, and many technical aspects of the process.

2018 April

Program Notice: The speaker for this month’s meeting is Denny Rickards. Denny is a fly fisher, fly tier, fly inventor, and is considered an expert in fly fishing stillwaters. He has spent 31 years fly fishing for large trout, the last 21 concentrating on still waters.

2018 March

Program Notice:  Annual banquet at Meadow Springs Country Club. Our guest speaker is Phil Rowley from British Columbia who will provide a presentation “Malbec, Meat and Monsters.” The presentation is focused on fishing in South America and is intended be of interest to both fishers and spouses.

2018 February

Program Notice: Craig Schuhmann will tell us about fly fishing the Klamath Basin in southern Oregon. He owns Guided Waters Fly Fishing, and has spent 12 years as a guide on the Williamson and Wood Rivers in Oregon.  Craig will demonstrate tying fly patterns for the Williamson River at 3pm at Meadow Springs Country Club.

2018 January

Program Notice:  Happy New Year!  Chad Jackson, District 5 Fish Biologist, Grant and Adams Counties, Ephrata Office of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, will address fishing and other recreational opportunities in the 15,266-acre Quincy Lakes Unit of the Columbia Basin Wildlife Area.

2017 December

Program Notice:  There is no program this month.  The CBFC celebrate the Holidays with a special gift exchange.

2017 November

Program Notice: Todd Fuchigami, a Senior Guide for Ellensburg Anglers, will present “Fly         Fishing Central Washington Rivers with emphasis on the Naches, Klickitat and upper Yakima.

2017 October

Program Notice: Club member fishing trip reports. Rich Holten talks about Silver Creek, ID, and the Missouri River, MT. Sheldon Coleman talks about the Kenia Peninsula, AK. Ron Reed talks about the annual trip to Yellowstone Park and the Henry’s Fork, ID.

2017 September

Program Notice:  Brad Trumbo of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers will discuss aquatic and terrestrial habitat work, what the Corps can do under various federal authorities, and describe specific examples, including the present work at Clover Island.

2017 August

Program Notice: No meeting in August

2017 July

Program Notice:  No meting in July.

2017 June

Program Notice:  Marc Williamson, owner of Fall River Fly Fishing in Scappoose, Oregon. Marc will discuss how to read moving water, highlighting the needs of trout. He will define the types of flies that are present in a stream or river, and explain why trout choose the locations they do.

2017 May

Program Notice:  Our program this month is our President, Mike Wade, who will report on his latest trip to Patagonia. Mike will tell us about a fishing venue that is limited to only two rods per week while fishing some of the best brown and brook trout water in southern Patagonia.

2017 April

Program Notice:  Alison Colotelo, a research scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will talk about the application of techniques used in forensic science to detect and quantify injuries to fish from both recreational and commercial fisheries. Alison’s presentation was originally scheduled for our January meeting that was canceled due to inclement weather.

2017 March

Program Notice:  Annual banquet at Meadow Springs Country Club.  Our guest speaker is John Shewey.  John will describe fly-fishing in the Northwest at famous places and at little-known waters, from distant to close-to home fisheries. This beautifully photographed program includes angling adventures on a variety of waters.

2017 February

Program Notice: Dennis Dauble will provide a brief summary of conservation activities currently being considered for Club support. Paul Hoffarth and Phillip Buser from the WDFW will discuss plans for the Windmill Ranch/Powerline Lake Access Enhancement project, and how CBFC can help restore and replace informational and directional signs.

2017 January

Program Notice:  Alison Colotelo, a research scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will talk about the application of techniques used in forensic science to detect and quantify injuries to fish from both recreational and commercial fisheries.

2016 December

Program Notice:  There is no program this month.  The CBFC celebrate the Holidays with a special gift exchange.

2016 November

Program Notice:  Chad Gillispie, owner of Fjord Fly Fishing in Poulsbo, Washington , will tell us about fly fishing for sea-run, cutthroat trout in the Hood Canal and Olympic Peninsula area.

2016 October

Program Notice:  Fishng reports by CBFC Club members.  Sheldon Coleman will tell us about fishing for bass in Hells Canyon and Ron Reed will tell us about fishing the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River and Yellowstone Park last June.

2016 September

Program Notice:  Skip Morris, will provide both an afternoon, fly-tying demonstration on bass flies, and an evening presentation on bass fishing in rivers.

2016 August

Program Notice: No meeting in August

2016 July

Program Notice:  No meting in July.  Take a kid fishing.

2016 June

Program Notice: Mike Wade, the CBFC Club Secretary, will tell us about his recent fly fishing trip to Christmas Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

2016 May

Program Notice: Our speaker this month will be Alison Colotelo of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  Most of you will recall the presentation Alison provided us last January on fish migration mortality in the Columbia/ Snake River fishery. This month her topic will be “The Science of Catch-and- Release Angling.”

2016 Apr

Program Notice:  John Kreft will present a program on “A Secret River West of Sisters…the Metolius”.  His presentation will include fishing access points along the river, available fish, bug life, and a few tips about his method of catching elusive Redsides, Brown Trout, and Bull Trout in the river.

2016 Mar

Program Notice:  Annual banquet at Meadow Springs Country Club.  Our guest speaker is Skip Morris.  Skip is a fly fisher, fly tier, fly developer and inventor, prolific writer, and is considered an expert on bass fishing with a fly.  The evening program is titled “Creeks,” and is a presentation interesting to both the avid fly fisher and spouses that don’t fly fish.

2106 Feb

Program Notice: Paul Anderson, fly fisher, tier, and owner of Fly Fishing Strategies Fly Shop in The Dalles will tell us about fishing the Bonneville pool of the Columbia River, and still water near the mouths of tributary rivers above Bonneville Dam.

2016 Jan

Program Notice: Alison Colotelo from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will speak about research being performed on juvenile and adult survival as they pass through the lower Snake and Columbia River dams.

2015 Dec

Program Notice: There was no program this month.  The CBFC celebrate the Holidays with a special gift exchange.

2015 Nov

Program Notice: Scott Cook, owner and head guide at Fly and Field Outfitters in Bend, Oregon, will provide insights on the many fly fishing opportunities in Central Oregon.

2015 Oct 

Program notice: Craig Anderson, Dennis Collins, Rich Holten,Bruce Groth and Ron Reed report on their June trip to the Henry’s Fork and Yellowstone Park.  Sheldon Coleman reports on the Mother’s Day caddis hatch on the Madision River.

2015 Sep

Program notice: Jim Loomis tells about trip to Kamchatka, Russia; “Bull Trout on the Clearwater” story; East Lake outing report; bug article on October Caddis; “Technical Force Control” reprint article on dynamic principles of fly casting; book report on “In the Ring of the Rise” by Vince Marinaro.

2015 Aug

Program notice: Club outing to Eastlake, OR; fishing report on Yakima Float with Carol and Skip Morris; report on annual Salmon Food Booth at Art in the Park event; bug article on Terrestrials; “Four Doctors and a Loon” story.

2015 July

Program notice: Club Picnic at Kreids; Wax Wading Staff & Fly Rod Ferrules to Prevent Seizing; How to tie a Turle Knot – a multipurpose and handy knot; tying instructions for a Mini-Leach; “There Ain’t Nothing Like a Trout” poem; Henry’sFork and Yellowstone trip report.

2015 June

Program notice: Carol Ann Morris, Fly Fisher and photographer tells how to make photos crisp, vivid, balanced, and expressive; Bug report on the      Salmonfly; “Dave’s Dream Stone” story; Conservation Initiative announcement; report on Kid’s Fishing Day at Columbia Park Pond; book report on “The Soft-Hackled Fly, A Trout Fisherman’s Guide.”

2015 May

Program notice: David Paul Williams, attorney and author talks about salt-water     beach fishing; Fishing Etiquette; Bug report on the Skwala with tying instructions for imitation; tying instructions for Suspender Midge; “Halibut on a Fly” story. link to “Yakima River Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan.

2015 Apr

Program notice: Mike Wade report on trip to Chile and Patagonia. Best Strike Indicator article; fishing reports on Yakima River Canyon, Big-Four reservoir on the Tucannon River, and Rocky Ford Club Outing.

2015 Mar

Program notice: Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies, author, and conservationist; “Odd Takes at Rocky Ford” story; Book report on “What the Trout Said” by Datus Proper; fishing reports on the Green River and Quail Lake; Free Lost and Found Insurance; tying instructions for Damsel fly nymph and adult.

2015 Feb

Program notice: Dennis Dauble speaks on “Fishing Blue Mountain Streams: Secret Holes and Bald-Faced Lies”; Tying instruction for Klinkhammer Special; “The Perfect Rod” story; My Favorited Accessory – Tail Knotr.

2015 Jan

Program notice: Zach Williams, founder of Swing the Fly magazine. Report on LeRoy Hyatt’s “Advanced Fly Tying Clinic”; Salute to Ellen Bentley, long-time editor of the Newsletter; Tying instructions for Duncan Loop or UNI knot.